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Resource Center

This is a place where local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other forms of resources are collected to enhance communities. All resources are closely aligned with our four core principles of Literacy, Imagination, Inspiration, and Family. 


These resources are closely tied to the principles of Imagination and Inspiration.


Delightful vegan baked goods:

Cakes, Cupcakes, Apple pies, and Cake pops.
Satisfy your cravings with our compassionate treats.


These resources are closely tied to the principles of Literacy and Family

Exceptionally Black.jpg

To provide the Black community with information that will help them improve their quality of life and socioeconomic standing. To connect and uplift our audience.

Looking for fresh and local products to serve your family

for dinner? The National Farmers Market Directory can help you find a local seller of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other

natural products.

Want to help the children in your community or across the United States? Visit and find out about all the ways you can help children learn to read or receive books to

combat a growing literacy crisis.

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