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Jumping Mooons

Jumping Mooons


Genre: Poetry, Narrative Poetry, Dramatic Poetry


"Jumping Moons" was created to dive deep into the experience of adolescents. The many mood swings and the moments of vulnerability teenagers endure often go unheard. The voices that scream the loudest overpower the ones unsure of their vocal ability. Our young people in this new world have dilemmas that engulf their lives in the blink of an eye. "Jumping Moons" hopes to capture the frustration and confusion of young people, constructing a way for them to feel heard.  Young people need to have a connection to their experiences beyond the demand of the moment. A lasting imprint in their lives to avoid the pitfalls of growing up. 

  • PDF Version

    Due to Copyright protection, this format is not compatible with Amazon Kindle. It is compatible with Barnes & Noble Nook and all other PDF-friendly Ebook apps.

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