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The Apple that rolled too far from the Tree

Sitting in the mud after her classmates pushed her, Janie Caruso felt ashamed. No friends to play with and no games she could join, Janie Caruso was alone indeed. At the end of the school day she dragged her heels, defeated she didn't get a chance to show her skills during recess. Her classmates rarely ever let her join the games.

"Mom, I'm really strong and fast but no one gave me a chance to play today!" Janie Whined.

Mommy Caruso saw that Janie was filled with disappointment.

"Well, we can play as soon as we get home!" Mommy Caruso laughed.

Janie was never to thrilled about playing with her parents.

With minimum effort, Janie played the games her parents wanted to play. Without smiling at first, Janie ran as fast as she could and jumped as high as she could. Eventually, all the fun brought the biggest laughter from Janie.

Mommy and Daddy Caruso would smile proudly seeing their superstar do what brought her pleasure.

She could outrun her mother without breaking a sweat, and Mommy Caruso barely able to breath tried to keep up. Then, Daddy Caruso would try to out jump Janie until his legs gave out, and Janie jumped to the moon.

Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy Caruso would try their best to beat Janie but every day they were reminded about the true greatness of their child.

Yet everyday at school Janie Caruso's classmates would laugh and tease her. she was the only child with glasses and braces and being different could be enough reason for some to scold and mock others.

One day after school, Janie got the bright Idea to train at her families farm. She'd run for hours around the barn. Janie Caruso would jump over the fence for the goats until the sunset.

Janie Caruso was determined to not be defeated, but show she was fast and strong. Day after day trained and trained. Night after night she'd go to bed praying for the opportunity to show everyone how fast and strong she was. Janie Caruso just wanted to play with her peers.

Everyday at school while the classmates played tag and hopscotch, Janie Caruso waited and waited.

One day a new kid was introduced to Janie Caruso's class.

"Good morning Class" Ms. Friedman announced.

"Good morning Ms. Friedman" The class responded.

"Today, we have a new student with us. His name is Christopher Mason" Ms. Friedman continued.

As the class said hello, Ms. Friedman noticed the opportunity for a new kid to make friends with a not so liked student.

"So Christopher, please go sit next to Janie." Ms. Friedman directed.

As Janie Caruso and Christopher Mason introduced themselves they began to develop a relationship.

Soon it was recess and Janie Caruso saw the chance to have a friend to play with.

Janie Caruso's classmates waited for their moment to tease Janie in front of the new kid.

"How's it going Janie Can't-See-ruso!" One student yelled.

"Hey!" Shouted Christopher Mason.

Pulling Janie Caruso to the playground, Christopher Mason defended his new friend.

"Wanna race?" Janie Caruso asked.

"Sure!" Christopher exclaimed.

Ready to play and have fun. Janie and Christopher design their race track.

"Okay we'll start at the slide, then we'll end by the water fountain." Janie Caruso suggested.

Janie Caruso had been thinking of this course for days and finally she got the opportunity.

The Classmates pointed at Janie and Christopher and laughed.

"Ready, set, go!" Christopher Mason shouted.

Before Christopher Mason could lift from his starting position, Janie Caruso was gone kicking up dust. As Janie Caruso had blew past the wind, Christopher Mason was spitting the dirt from his lips.

Janie Caruso's legs moved so fast it looked like she was floating.

As she made the first turn, her classmates had all dropped their jaws.

Never seeing something so fast the kids in the playground began to chant, "Janie, Janie!"

Janie Caruso ran past the finish line, and just kept running. At the end of school day, Janie Caruso was full of excitement.

"Mommy, mommy Can we race today?" Janie asked her mother.

"Sure!" Mommy Caruso answered, shocked by Janie's eagerness.

Janie Caruso learned that she had gotten even faster and she continued to train day after day.

As Janie Grew the whole town took notice of the young girl breaking all the track records in the state.

She ran her way to a college scholarships. Breaking even more records, Janie Caruso had put the world on notice, her greatness was emerging.

Janie Caruso was destined to be the youngest Olympic Gold medalist. Janie Caruso's training had taken her all around the world.

Winning gold medals and breaking world records were all great accomplishments, but Janie Caruso just loved to run.

After returning home from traveling the world Janie Caruso was excited to be home with her parents.

"Mom and Dad, you guys wanna race?" Janie laughed.

"Sure!" Mommy Caruso smiled.

"Let's do it!" Daddy Caruso chimed in.

As they setup at the starting line, Janie looked at the barn that started it all.

"Once around the barn old timers?" Janie joked.

"Like always!" Mommy Caruso answered.

"On your marks, get ready, set, go!" Daddy Caruso called.

Janie took off, leaving her parents behind. As she lapped them, laughter and joy fille the air.

Janie Caruso had found her chance to show her classmates, her parents, the world, and most importantly herself that she was fast and strong!

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