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Author's Bio

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in an era(the 1980s) where families and communities suffered many tragedies and traumas, I was no exception. The path many children took involved dangerous outcomes and possible life-threatening decisions. At a young age, I could adapt which allowed me to avoid pitfalls early. However, as we grow, life can be a bit daunting and overwhelm anyone. Facing many challenges, I attended the public school system where I was introduced to my first piece of creativity. “Goodnight Moon,” a book that allowed young people to feel the warmth of saying goodnight. Upon reaching high school I began to explore the many different forms of creativity from music, art, and creative writing. This would consume me over the next two decades. From making beats to writing stories, I felt a strong desire to craft material that inspired young people. As a father and husband, though struggles persist, the lessons learned have allowed me to share through my creative literary works continually. Life isn't a destination along a path, life is the path.

The four core principles of this project are Literacy, Imagination, Inspiration, and Family.

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